Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodwill Project #2

I'm extremely excited about THIS re-do! i found this ugly-ish looking thing on a shelf by all the candle stuff and i HAD to have him.

it was so unique looking, that i thought i could bring it to life with a little spray paint. at first i dreamt of spraying it a bright a glossy bright orange, or yellow. but when i put white primer on it, i LOVED how it looked white. he is!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good Will Project #1

today was 50% day at Goodwill.. it's really the only time i would go. i hit up three of them.... i got this cute little plant last night, and decided that 50% off day was the best time to find a little flower pot for him!

here is what i found for $.85!

a good 'ol terra cotta pot. i was just pondering the other day if i could lacquer a flower pot to give it the 'fired in a kiln' glazed look. so i took some house primer, and put a base since terra cotta is porous.

then, whipped out some spray paint i had left over

added a little fabric border, and voila!

not bad for $.85! stay tuned for project #2 (the last of this goodwill visit treasure hunt)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finished Curtains...Finally!!!

i thought these curtains were going to be the death of me! at the time of purchase, i didn't realize that there was a slight bit of stretch in them. for a novice sewer, that made things extremely complicated, to say the least. after a couple weeks of avoidance, i finally sat down and got 'er done.

even though i claimed that if they were gong to be plain black, i would not do them...alas, i agreed. they are a pin stripe

the dog sure loved them



meanwhile...i love going to the dollar store and getting the cheesiest holiday decor POSSIBLE. here is my easter ensemble:

how hilarious is this cardboard flower arrangement?? how do i NOT buy this?

and how do we forget this crafty wreath i made?

not bad for $10 and some change. gotta love the holidays

Monday, March 21, 2011


i have taken a while to update my blog because i've been in the middle of so many projects! between furniture, and the wedding invitations, freelance work, and curtains i feel overwhelmed. the curtains should be done at the end of this week for me to show. the red bar stools are just waiting on their fabric to arrive in the mail.

yesterday i was browsing around on the "Free" section on Craigslist....only the BEST treasure hunt out there. it's usually really hard to snag anything, but i found this post 6 minutes after it was put up. i scored a large oak table and 4 parsons chairs!!!

i was just dying to take one of these apart. i'm planning on leaving the legs and sides bare, and refinishing them..i'm not a fan of the full covered look

Open chair surgery:

though i'm ripping off fabric on those (mainly because it's pretty dirty), my next project will be this guy:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Workin' Hard

i haven't written in a while because i've been working on some new projects...making some curtains, working on designing some invitations for my future sister-inlaw and also in the middle of a 3-stool project! my print is underway for the stools as well, so there will be a fresh before and after, original printed, refinished set!

oh and did i mention i made some mini red pillows as well?

here are a couple teasers!

the curtains will not be my fabric, they are black pinstripe. but it is a big project indeed...68 inch panels, 3 windows...and no big table for measuring or cutting. yea. BUT i'm making great use out of my christmas present. better pictures of this project when i finish. (1 panel 80% done, 5 more to go)

meanwhile, i'm doing what i love most, which is my furniture. here is a preview!

between those kitchen curtains, the red pillows, and these sure seems like i'm on a red kick!