Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stained to Sassy

well here i am again! it's been a have been slow since i got a job, but i still do this on the side when the opportunity rises. who can't use some extra money??

yet again, i dug out my heavy machinery

what was on the agenda this time? 4 round bar stools. easy! these stools were actually from the same woman i did my previous job for. when she first gave them to me, they were covered in leopard microfiber, full of wear marks and stains. (i forgot to photograph that part). and underneath, was even dirtier tan microfiber

so, we went shopping for some new fabric together. here is what she picked out

pretty hu? she wanted the big medallions centered on the cushions. (we bought extra for some throw pillows i will be making at a later date.) once i carefully mapped out where each cushion would go, i cut the pieces out, and began stapling. next step: trimming the excess

and voila!

stay tuned for the throw pillows!