Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barrel Of Fun

It has been quite a long while since i have posted any upholstering projects. after the bird chair (last post shown) i took a bit of a hiatus from upholstering to focus on my new job at the fabric store.

i did just finish 7 white dining chair covers, but i didn't document that. either way...i DID just finish a barrel chair for a friend. here is how the story went

it was a tired chair, but a family favorite

oddly enough, this was the easiest un-stapling i've ever had to do for upholstering

it also turned out to be a secret piggy bank, as i found $5.37 inside...

once i took it apart, i began draping the fabric, and also sewing a middle panel to the arms for the inside back

sewing the cushion was a bit of a challenge since it went into a semi-circle in the back, but i managed. here is the end result...much better i think...