Friday, April 29, 2011

Think Pink

so, i have this odd obsession with my incredibly matching bathroom, and i'd love to share some pics. i bought all of this before moving into my first apartment, so i was obviously pretty excited to decorate something of my own. what you can't see in these pictures, is the matching pink rug/toilet lid cover set that also is a part of this cheery ensemble.

i think that the towel display needs to be shown first, as it is my pride and joy:

i hot glued that pink ribbon to the mirror as an instant frame!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lamp Revamp

it is sad to me that it has been a month since i have last blogged! i have been patiently waiting for my fabric to arrive (STILL!!!) for the red bar stools i refinished 6 weeks ago. my fabric source boomed with unexpected business, and therefore it has been back ordered. i am hoping to post them within the next week or two! in the mean time:

i found this lamp for $3.99, without a shade.

i happened to have an extra lamp shade that fit PERFECT with the lamp. i thought that orange would be a fun color for this brown lamp.

my bed looks a little messy, sorry! but the orange went perfect with the african fabrics in my room as well as my cute IKEA pillow you can see!